O gênio humano se revela, sem limitações de tempo e espaço. Seleção de vídeos com o melhor de todos os tempos.

1 - Max Kayser , violin 1955
Tchaikovsky: Serenade Melancolique

2 - Gioconda de Vito - Beethoven Romance op. 50

3 - Ricardo Odnoposoff violin Paganini Campanella

4 -Vlado Perlemuter Musical masterpiece society

5 - Beethoven Violin Concerto bronislaw gimpel Vox

1- Max Kayser , violin ; FFB Sinfonieorchester Berlin , Wilhelm Schüchter, dirigent. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Serenade Melancolique, Op. 26 for Violin and Orchestra . Imperial 45 RPM record. I've transferred it myself. Imperial was a budget sub-label of EMI, marketed at the European continent, Germany especially. They started ambitiously in 1954, and recorded the core repertoire in rapid succession. Kayser, later in his live the violinist in the Gobel trio Berlin, was one of the young artists recording for Imperial. His 10# LP of Bruch's violin concerto is a well sought item among record collectors,  This Serenade was recorded around 1955.

2- Here is one of the rarer items in my collection: Gioconda de Vito (22nd Jun. 1907 ~ 14th Oct. 1994)
Beethoven: Romance for violin & orchestra No.2 in F major, op.50
29th May 1948, Abbey Road Studios, London
Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Alberto Erede.
This in an audio enahnced version of an earlier posting of this record. Some computer speakers take this version better... Hope you like this version! To my surprice, this is the first Gioconda de Vito item on youtube... :)

3- From a 10# MMS LP comes this performance of the Paganini_ Campanella (from violin concerto nr 4)(sic, it's vc2, the sleeve says vc4). It is played by Ricardo Odnoposoff, violin; Utrecht Symphony orchestra; Paul Hupperts, dir.
Most of the text in this video came from the DOREMI site. The Lp comes from my personal collecton.

4 - Valse 6Db op64no 1 and 9Ab op 69 no 1 By Vlado Perlemuter.

5 - This 1955 (never issued on CD!!) version of the slow movement is, to my opinion the best recording ever made of this piece. Unfortunately, the first and third movement last 22 and 11 min respectively. Not the ideal youtube format...

Bronislaw Gimpel, violin;
Bamberger Symphoniker,
Heinrich Hollreiser


I also have a hobby website where I put out of copyright lp's and 78s:

Greetings from the Netherlands,
Rolf den Otter (Classical Lp collector)


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